The plan you need to parent positively, raise responsible children and build a strong family together with your spouse!

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"Since we did the course, we are doing so much better now than before. We still have a long way to go but even though everyone is constantly growing, so constantly changing, we are more connected together." - Jameela

To every mother who wants to raise responsible, well-mannered, strong Muslim children!

Do you ever wonder how to raise your children such that they go out there in the world as little ambassadors of your faith and family?

Do you worry about creating memories in your children's mind such that when they look back at their childhood, you want them to be grateful for your excellent upbringing?

Every mother wants to raise children who are happy, fun to be around and those who are ‘easy’. You want to be proud of your parenting. But how do you go about it?

You wonder if good children are like that from birth, or do parents really have something to do with it?

Let's face it, there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to raise good kids, only to feel like you're always nagging and yelling and never actually.... parenting .

You know that you should be gentle and patient with your children.

Screen times, homework battles, lack of motivation, irresponsibility and no help with housework! Talking back, anger issues, power control... there are so many frustrations.

Raising our children in these modern times is different. The way we were brought up will not work with these new age kids.

Being stern and strict, yelling, time-outs, cajoling and distracting... that's not parenting.

You know your children deserve a happy childhood full of love, empathy, encouragement and confidence to be who they are. But so do you.

You wonder how to raise children according to Islam in these modern times and how to have a home where your children are your team - your biggest supporters?

Is this is possible?

Yes, it is!


Hey, Welcome, Ahlan... Assalamualikum!

I am Ayesha I. Siddiqua - an educator, business owner and a work-from-home, mother of three children - 10, 11 and 16 years old.

Years ago, when my children were babies, I learnt that families aren't perfect from the start. A mother and father have to join hands and hold on to each other stronger, if they want to raise confident, responsible Muslim children.

As a mother and a gentle parenting advocate, I believe in treating children with utmost respect and love. You cannot spoil a child with positive attention and gentle manners. In fact, it is by focussing on the positive that you bring out the best in them.

I believe raising children is not only about good parenting but also enriching their life with the right experiences.

I have seen this time and again. It is the happy kids who are the most well behaved, the most intelligent, the most resilient and the most successful in life.

My goal is to give you the tools to help you raise self-sufficient, responsible, respectful and happy kids who have happier parents.

Happy families are a product of love.

A home is not build by one parent. You know this very well. You need your spouse to be on the same page as you.

But you want to be a gentle parent, while your spouse believes in growing children for the real world. Both your goals are same, but the approach is different.

He blames you to be too permissive. You blame him to be too strict!

How will your children learn if you two don't agree with each other?

Have you and your husband ever discussed how you want to raise your family? Or what expectations you have from each other? What does an ideal family culture look for you? That discussion is really tough, isn't it?

A husband and wife need to hold hands and work on life's problems together.

The one question that everyone asks is: How do you raise children together as a couple?

Then there is the problem of raising Muslim children in a modern world. What exactly is the right way to parent according to Islam?

Is Islam too strict? Does Islam not teach gentleness… ? Where can I learn to be a gentle, positive parent and still be true to the Islamic teachings..?


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