1. Hi Aysh, thank you so much for these instructions. I’m crocheting a bag and I want to protect it from snags and dirt. It’s looking so beautiful and the stitches are I beautiful, it will break my heart to see it catch on anything. And I want to be able to wipe it clean. So I thought maybe I’d be able to wax it. My objective as you can see is not to stiffen it, but to give it a bit of protection. From your experience, do you think waxing it maybe twice or so would do the trick? Appreciate your thoughts.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Nora, Umm… I don’t think wax will be able to protect your bag. 🙁 Heat will make the wax melt and handling will make it crack. It may not work that way. I think it will be better if you stitch a plastic transparent cover for it.

      You can get a transparent plastic sheet of reasonable thickness, cut it into a basic shape to fit your bag and then add handle space to it just like a normal bag but you will pull the handles out of the plastic bag so there is just one set of handles not two.There are a few ways to make handles and since I don’t know what type your making, either way let me just tell you that make sure to add the handles to the crochet bag not the plastic one. Or else add an attaching hook to join the two bags. Then you can have handle on plastic bag. Did I make sense?

      You can get the plastic from shops that sell table top covers. They have a few size thickness and they sell by the meter. A few examples of strap handles are here.

      Hope that helps.


  2. Aysh, Hiiiiiii and many thanks for these instructions!! I decided to put my crochet doilies on the back of my book case because you won’t see them when flat on the shelf. I just taped then with clear tape and everyone loved the idea, but I was looking for a way to permanently stiffen them like a plate. I googled and found your idea and I WILL give this a try!!

    Private: BTW I am an American (married to a Saudi and living in KSA 50 years) and have been crocheting over 60 years, may I ask your nationality, not too many Arabs take pride in hand work!!!

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for your wax idea!! I am making snowflakes for everyone for Christmas. I tried the glue and water (with some crushed glass for a sparkle) and it’s still not stiff enough. Can I try the wax over this to make it more stiff? Can I add the crushed glass sparkle to the wax?

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