1. You have given a new insight for planning life long. In shaa allah will need this one as I am lookimg to live in peace.

    1. I was skeptical at first if it really would work Salma. But looking back after all these months, it really helped me know how to work with family and home.

  2. Obviously charity begins at home . Being a woman we should aim for a positive outcomes in every aspect of Life. Planning is crucial in achieving set goals …
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. This seems like an amazingly helpful tool! Also, it helps to plan and re assess our priorities as we move through life, because those can change too. As expats, I think that is one of the struggles I face. Thanks for sharing your post!

    1. Exactly! As we move through life our priorities change and this chart is perfect to keep track of it too.

  4. “An Intentional Mom” I like that. I’ve been having a crazy time juggling motherhood, personal development and work. Writing my goals and to-do lists definitely help me though.

  5. This is awesome! I do year plans for Homeschooling but not always for myself, I love the idea of behaving like CEOs, Thank you for a motivating article – looking forward to using the free plan!

    1. There is a whole course around it Hafsa. Be sure to join . I am so excited to be doing this this year.

  6. Reading this has made me realise how unorganised my life is at the moment! Lol I thought I had things on track…. you’re very thorough &I guess it’s the best way to be! Thanks for sharing…. definetly need to get things into check!

  7. This is completely new to me….I have never made goals for parenting…love reading and knowing more on this….thank you for sharing…

    1. Assalamualaikum
      I cud find an insight in ur articles….I moved here to riyadh 7m bak …after completing my masters …studying medicine for 10 whole years with mbbs and MD…i feel stuck here after marriage …now I’m expecting the first child and still I miss my dream to pursue the career …I knw its hard to get both things (family and career) in life esp here in Saudi where they wudnt let u in without any experience …after reading ur articles I got lil hope in me to be able to juggle with this life ….

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