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'You created something life-changing for me.'Whenever I accomplish something, I think about you. May Allah reward you.' - Rabeea


'Why must my dreams take a back seat because I became a mother!’

Do you wonder that?

‘I want a happy home, a healthy family, well mannered children… save money, have a career, travel to far off places and bring joy to the lives of all those around me. How can I be everything that I want and more?’

If you are thinking this, you are not alone. We all have areas in our life where we want to be more intentional but we don't know where to begin or how to go about making our dreams come true.

While going through pregnancies and managing little babies and toddlers and then waiting for our children to grow up, we somehow lose our confidence.

We have the skills, talents and education... and yet, we are unsure of how we want to use all those strengths in our life.

Then there is always that struggle about how to find BALANCE in life.


Hey, Welcome, Ahlan... Assalamualikum!

I am Ayesha I. Siddiqua - an expat living in Saudi Arabia.

I am a blogger, business owner and a work-from-home, homeschooling mother of three children - 7, 9 and 13 years old.

I help Muslim mothers be more than "Just a Mom". 

On Jeddah Mom, we believe that there is more to motherhood than just cook, clean and take care of children. You are a mother, your children's mentor, your husband’s life-partner… a person.

You have your strengths and of course, weaknesses. It's okay... Bring those to the table! Show up… be confident!

That’s our mission. I believe in being intentional in life. We all have our set of day to day problems - whether it be job or kids, housework or health - but how you approach life is what makes a difference.  

As educated women, it is our job to use whatever skills we have to better our life. 

My goal is to give you the tools to help you live a more confident life.


You LOVE your life and family, but you want to know how to be everything that you really are! Have you ever wondered how to balance home, life, kids, marriage, your faith, career, finances and then your own true life-calling? 

Mothers need a life plan too. It is the secret to productivity and getting more done.

Life Planning is something everybody should know. No matter whether you are a mom, a dad or even just starting out in life and waiting to get married.

The one question that everyone asks is: Where should I start..?

Start here. Create your Life Plan.

' Going through each one of the lessons has been very helpful... especially with the career one, it got me thinking a lot that just because I’m a mom now all my past accomplishments didn’t disappear! I just need more self confidence.' - J.


Here's what that would look like....

  • Have a CLEAR PICTURE of what you actually want to accomplish in your life, and an action plan for getting there.
  • Manage ALL THE PIECES of your busy life--home, work, kids, goals--without feeling crazy all the time..
  • CONFIDENCE you’re making your greatest contributions and delivering massive value every day.
  • SATISFACTION in doing the work you’re uniquely gifted to do.
  • QUALITY TIME with your spouse and family fostering the relationships that matter the most.
  • Achieving the highest level of FITNESS AND HEALTH.
  • Have time for friends, self-care, and for doing things you actually WANT to do.

Life Planning for Women will show you how to create a system to stay productive and make your own goals a priority even when life is busy.

'I love the Life Plan. Goal setting has become my habit now. I feel like I can accomplish anything if I put it on my planner.' - Ola

About Life Planning for Women Course...

A life plan is a road map that helps you prioritize what is important to you. It helps you make progress and take decisions based on your priorities, but most people who are successful in making it don't understand how to make use of their life plan in their daily life.

Life Planning for Women is a comprehensive program designed to help moms create a life plan and then strategically implement it in their daily life so as find confidence, purpose and balance in motherhood.

In this course, I guide you through creating your life plan and then show you how to create effective systems to make all your goals achievable.

Life Planning for Women is for anyone who feels that they should be getting more out of their life but at the moment, they really don't know which direction to go and what to do first.

"This course has given me a foundation to work on. I no longer feel burdened to be doing so many things. I feel so light." -Bilqees


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