1. Thank you for sharing this schedule. It’s simple and practical. I was curious which poems your children learn?
    Thanks! Emily

      1. From the following section:

        Around 11.30am, their energy will slowly start to dip. It is a good idea to let them do some coloring while watching some screen time learning like poems or phonics on TV.

        Are they watching nursery rhymes?

        1. Oh …! My kids would watch the simple ABC song, Butterfly Butterfly flutter by, 123 song, Humpty Dumpty… This old man, ice cream song… just all the nursery rhymes we grew up with… and similar in other languages. They watched in Arabic, Urdu and Hindi too.

          Rhymes help build children’s vocabulary and help them make and remember words. We love books that rhyme too. We followed the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling. (You can look her up online.)

          For rhyming books, you can read this: https://www.jeddahmom.com/10-rhyming-books-for-kids/

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