1. Thank you for giving credit to Jeddah for kids on the British Consulate Library. We also have written an article on My Library that is just as comprehensive. You information about the library at the Jeddah Cultural Exchange Center is not quite accurate. It is a book swap– people being in novels and can trade them for something new to them. This is FREE– I know because I set it up:). There is also a Facebook page for the Jeddah Book Swap with a google map and the hours of operation. Thanks for your work! ~Amy

  2. Thankyou for this. Info!
    Can i guide what If one goes to king fahad library..do we have to pay for some registration or entry fees?

    1. You’re welcome. Entry is free but you need to register for borrowing books. Do take your ID, they sometimes ask that. Children under 5 not allowed.

  3. Do you require a membership if you only want to go to King Fahad public library for a group study session or do you require it only to borrow books?

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