1. I love how globalized the world is in terms of food especially. We live in Durban, South Africa and there isn’t a large variety of foreign food or restaurants. Italian, of course, a few Thai, Indian yes, but no Vietnamese, no Turkish, the sushi is OK but a bit boring, and I miss having all of those options. I’m definitely all for the globalization of food! #ExpatLifeLinky

  2. An interesting topic, I love tasting food from around the world and want it available. At the same time I worry about the freshness and quality. I could go on… Thanks for sharing #expatlifelinky

  3. A fascinating post. One of the things I love about expat life is learning about food and habits from other cultures. Some suit us and we meld them into our own family habit. Sounds like your son is growing up with wonderfully enquiring mind.

  4. It truly is a global world! I get frustrated sometimes with (what I consider) slim pickings at the grocery store, but I realize that I live in a major city (Amsterdam) and get just go to a specialty store and probably get anything in the world related to food. I love different kinds of food, but I still crave a good American burger!
    Found you on the Expat Life Linky!

    1. Thanks for visiting Jessica. I know what you mean… when I was expecting my first child I was in another city and I remember how much I craved food from my country!

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