1. Your quanti turned out lovely, Ais! It's a very popular tatting pattern online right now. I did mine in white, too. I finished mine a while ago, but it's on it's way to someone so I have to wait for them to get it before I post it so I don't spoil the surprise. 🙂

  2. You are welcome Ais. Yes, it is a very easy pattern to do. I am continuing to be amazed at the different colour variations that other tatters are coming up with for this.

  3. Teeheee! Well, yes I was surprised, both when I received TattingChic's snowflake and when I saw it here in your blog! Yours is gorgeous! So you're a tatter, too, eh? Wow, you have a talent that I envy. Beautiful, amazing pieces you have. Thank you so much for your sweet comment over at my place!

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