1. Jenna is a beautiful doll who clearly brings good values and love to the lucky girl who owns her. It is so important for our children to connect with toys they understand. Her hijab is so lovely. xoxo

  2. It’s nice to see that there are dolls that are slowly becoming more available when it comes to ethnic differences like skin color and all the other things that are associated with a play doll–since most of the market is oversaturated with a certain kind of doll that does not even relate to the other existing body types out there. At the same time, having more multicultural playing dolls around would help children from these equally diverse cultures to be able to keep up with their own playtime as they have something that’s completely relatable to their culture around them. While I obviously have no experience with these kinds of dolls, what I can say is that having more representation around children’s playthings is nice to have.

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