1. I'm so glad you have new shuttles!! I have to laugh at what you said about thinking you have too many shuttles with 4….just keep tatting girlfriend and someday you may find that 10 shuttles just isn't ENOUGH!!! LOL…seriously you wonder NOW, but just you wait…..You're gonna need every shuttle you can get your hands on. Keep on tatting. Hearts desire is kind of a funny one to wrap

  2. I had to laugh too about you thinking 10 shuttles too many. I use the clover shuttle as my &quot;utility&quot; shuttle and had over 50 of them last count….and I still have trouble finding an empty shuttle sometimes!<br>:-) Gina

  3. After reading your most recent post and then seeing this older post I can see that the issues you are resolving are some of the same issues that are going on in this heart. This pattern is more an intermediate pattern so don&#39;t be discouraged, after you get some more tatting experience you&#39;ll be able to come back and tat it again with more understanding! You are on your way!<br>P.S. I

  4. let&#39;s see, there are the two shuttles on _this_ project, and oh, I want to start this pattern so I need two more shuttles; luckily I only need one to start that edging for M&#39;s present; oh wait, I want to experiment with the TIAS….oh, I need a couple shuttles to work on a simple pattern while waiting for the doctor…and you see how you start needing more &amp; more shuttles.<br><br>

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