1. I totally understand and applaud you for thinking of when your kids get older too they will still need you but in a different way.<br>Have you considered Crazy Quilting? There are so many things to create with it (not just quilts) and it uses a WIDE range of talents/hobbies. And since you have an eye for blog templates then putting a CQ and all the embellishments takes a similar artistic eye.

  2. It sounds like right now, Life is your passion. However I do understand what you mean. I find that sometimes I just need a creative push, so I go to swap-bot, join a fun swap and have at it. I know that I have a set time to be creative before I have to send it off to my partner and that gives me the push I need to start the ball rolling. <br><br>Or let me know if you&#39;d like to swap

  3. tattingchic: I do tat whenever I can. I&#39;ll post something on that some day soon. :-)<br><br><br>melissa: oh thank you so much on giving me the links and inviting me to try crazy quilting. I tried my hand at it two years ago after reading your blog and you just gave me the bestest idea ever. I guess i&#39;ll be trying crazy quilting next .(i.e, asap!.) oh the how too? You have the best

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