1. Awwwwwwwwww I'm so sorry Ais!!! I hate hate hate that too!!! I almost ran out myself but I remembered the SLT trick (shoe lace trick) before I ran out at about half way and then because it switched the shuttles for me I made it to the end with just enough thread!!!!!

  2. But, but, but WHAT a good excuse to buy even more thread!!! Next time buy double or treble &#39;just to be sure&#39;!!! <br>Jane – proud possessor of a huge stash of threads and beads!!!

  3. LOL!!! &quot;Why me? I&#39;m such a nice person&quot;. You&#39;re so funny, Ais. I&#39;d go with Jane&#39;s comment, it IS a great excuse to go buy MORE thread…YIPPEE!!! While you&#39;re there at the store you might as well get as much thread as you can and maybe MORE shuttles…HEE hee HEE!!!

  4. Melissa: Hmm… what an idea!! Shoelace trick, eh? Hmmm… I&#39;ll go have a look to see if I can apply that.<br><br>Jane: 🙂 Yeah…always a great idea to buy more thread… there is never enough thread!<br><br>TattingChic: I was thinking of shopping but I was like planning that for the later part of my stay here. Now that everyone is talking about it…may be I&#39;ll go earlier.

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