1. Oh my doily does the same thing on that round I think it was mentioned that others had that too, I think it is the pattern. So far it looks like you are doing wonderfully!

  2. WOW! The blog looks awesome. My doily curled up on that round, too and I solved it by pressing it out and it was fine. I think it's just the nature of the pattern to do that a bit. Your doily is looking awesome. I had to LOL at your running out of shuttles…see, now you know why the rest of us have so many! How could anyone run out of shuttles??? Now you know you're one of US!!! HA HA HA

  3. Melissa and TattingChic: uh Oh! I should have posted this pic before I cut it off! I guess I'll have to do it again now…:(

  4. Love the new template. I started several times a doily that also curled up but I did a different pattern because its for an exchange which I just have to get it just right.

  5. LOL Ais!!! You're a butcher!! LOL I was this close to doing the same thing (except it wasn't going to be with just one round but with the whole doily). Mine does an about 720Āŗ twist and doesn't look at all like I expected. Yours looks great, you're going well. What a pitty you had to start over the round. See you!

  6. Hey, Ais, I was wondering…how di you get your comments to say &quot;8 smiles&quot; instead of &quot;comments&quot;. I&#39;ve been wanting to change my &quot;comments&quot; to another thing for months and I haven&#39;t figured out how. Maybe you could help me out? Pretty please with sugar on top?!?!<br>:)

  7. TattingChic – I know the HTML codes behind that and can tell you straight off how. But using Blogspot is a bit tricky because you can&#39;t see the codes. Good luck on that.

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