1. I agree we shouldn't ban the internet, as our world is full of technology, they need to use it. It is very difficult finding the right balance between kids internet usage, safety and time on it though. My kids are only 6 and 4 so they have no real concept of the internet yet and certainly haven't questioned it or asked for it, but I know it's coming.
    Very interesting read.
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  2. Maybe because my kids are so young (only 4 and 1) I find no reason for them to use the internet right now. I find that life presents enough educational opportunities and that learning how to navigate technology and the internet can come later. I want my kids to be kids right now. Maybe in a few years this will be more pertinent to me.

  3. These are some great points. I grew up during the time when the Internet really became ingrained into every day life. I'm not sure you could ever completely shut it out of someone's life at this point, so you should teach them how to use it properly.

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  4. I'm am bothered about the kids usage of the internet but I don't ban it at home and they do hve access to it under supervision as it's necessary for them as they sometimes need to use it to do their schoolwork.

  5. It depends on the society we live in too Katelyn. Where we live, the internet is in everything. Schools, TV, shopping… but we need to find more technology free activities for them. Most smart mums realise this but some just don't.

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