1. I absolutely love this post! I think far too often our children become too spoiled and as parents we don’t provide any chores or responsibilities. I know that in my household we have 6 children during the week, on the weekend my sister-in-law comes with her 4 children and then we have 10. They become set in their ways and they are good children but with no responsibility. I think that these “chores” which span across the age groups could really help in providing a sense of “ownership” and taking part in festivities. Growing up in the US I was taught to do these things automatically but in KSA our children have maids and nannies (I get so annoyed just seeing my 16yo niece walk into the house and not even close the door).

  2. Hi Ayesha, this article is very very interesting and i look forward that i can get to read more and more articles.

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