1. Jazaaki Allaahu khayran! This was such a helpful post! My girls both need a new backpack already (yea I know..the schoolyear has just started). Definitely gonna check these out. Thanks again!

    1. Hello Chaymae,

      Centerpoint really has it all together this year! I purchased all of my stationary and school needs from them too. Absolutely recommending the Camelbak water bottles. My kids love it!

  2. Dear Siddiqua, I am writing you from http://www.nikidomroller.com, we are manufacturers of great quality, ergonomic schoolbags for children, Nikidom Roller is the best, “big-wheeled” bag for elementary school kids. Nikidom Zipper is a fantastic ergonomic backpack. We would love to find a distributor in Saudi Arabia. Would you kindly be able to recommend a few distributors in the hope we can make contact? Thanks in advance for your kind help.

    1. Hi Sylivie,
      Can you email me at jeddahmomblog(at)gmail(dot)com We can talk about this through mails.


    2. HI Sylvia

      we would like to distribute NIkidom in Saudi Arabia, We are a huge company with a large infrastructure in the kingdom with distribution centers

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