1. Great blog post. Thanx to share this useful article. If you’re the parent of a young child, you always want to set a good example. Elevators are one place to start. You should always hold doors open with the open button, not with your hands, arms, legs or feet.
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  2. JazakIllah sister. Something happened like this to my 19 month old son today and I freaked out. His finger got stuck in door slot. And no buttons were working at the moment. I pulled the gap n it was out. Prayers needed.

    1. That’s so scary! My eldest did that once when he was that age too. They think it is fun to slide their fingers with the sliding doors. Alhamdulillah your child is okay! May Allah protect him. <3

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    very nice information for our child… really nice

  4. I read all the info, but what I need to know is the age approate for a child to ride elevator r without an adult

    1. I guess 10 year old and up is fine. It also depends on locality and safety of where you live too. We have only four storeys high. And there is a caretaker we trust.

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