1. That's really fascinating to know!! My sons are mainly mono-lingual; they have a strong grasp on the English language, but they do know a smattering of Hindi!

  2. Hello Aysh (AsSalamo Alaykum)

    This is a great post. I am struggling with teaching the two basic languages English and Arabic to my kids. I homeschool in Bahrain and find it difficult to find resources to help us on the journey. We travel much between here and Saudia since my husband’s family is from Al Khobar. We focus on English at home with a little Arabic mixed in and when we make it to Saudia which is most weekends they get the benefit of local Arabic. When we travel back and forth the kids language usage also travels with them; once we reach the Causeway they switch to Arabic and I become Ummi as opposed to Mama. lol Anyway, just want to say thanks for the post it helped me a lot.

    1. Walekum Assalam, That is so beautiful Cathy! I love it when kids talk like that. I am always translating words in atleast one more language in our home. I am glad you like this post. Thank you for commenting… you made my day!

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