1. Good interview ,with a worthy person,
    .life turned round for her when she started to help others
    There are many women women out there who find things overwhelming
    Good for you all

  2. I love and adore you Shareefa!!! I know I never really got the chance to talk to you one on one but I met you one time for a minute at a party, you sparkled, I felt so shy, I could feel your kindness and spirit instantly. Joining your motivational quotes group and then going to a few breakfasts and the one party was 100 % life changing!!! Everyone who surrounds you is filled with light!!! It was the best maybe 3 years of of my life in Jeddah!! Can never thank you enough! I bet you’ve changed so many lives you don’t even know! This article about you is phenomenal! I can so relate to almost everything!!!! I cried like a baby when I read it, you put so many feelings of mine into words that I couldn’t express!! I know you may never see this and I know it’s super old because there’s no date on it but it says women can’t drive and inferred it wasn’t coming soon , so the interview is old! No one will probably see this but I just had to write it and tell you how much you changed my life when I was able to be in the WhatsApp group and meet some amazing women! Again can’t thank you enough!!! I’m praying for you to get a lot of ajer from Allah! I’ve been in Jeddah almost 20 years and like I said it was amazing the few years I got to be in your group, unfortunately I’m no longer able, I’m back in lockdown, not allowed to have friends or join WhatsApp groups, I know I’m not the only isolated person, I’m sure there are others!! I pray I’ll get to join your group again!! It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve not been able to! Im sending love to you all!!!

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