1. You are welcome. There is another post with more ideas. I hope you have checked that one too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Hi….. thank u for the info abt craft shops around jeddah…… i love to crochet. I know abt al-nowari in heraa mall from ur blog. Thank u so much. Went there the first time last april…… searching all over the mall looking for gate no 2, asked few people there but couldnt find the door or the store….. i went back home and search ur blog again to see if i have the wrong gate number…. then only i knew the door was temporary close/under maintenance……… The next time i was there again was a few weeks later, gate no 2 is there…. i was happy and went into the mall thru gate no 2 smiling and searched for the store……. but al-nowari has moved to another store closeby but still in heraa mall… gate no 3 fifth store from right…… its either al-nowari has moved or the gate number changed from gate 2 to gate 3……. any way thank u if not because of ur blog i may be still searching where to get yarn and stuffs……

    1. Thank you for commenting Kay! I haven’t been to Nawari for a while. Now I really want to find their new location! As far as I remember, the gate (3) had closed and they are the alley next to that men’s clothes shop. You’d have to take gate 2 I’ll check again. Do check out the other places too.

  2. if u have cross stitch, crochet works and stuffs like that, at nowari they can sell them for u…..

      1. Hey Aysh, I went to Hindawwiyah a while ago and I couldn’t find the wool, I wanted to make needle felted stuffs. Also those needles uh ๐Ÿ™

  3. This is very informative thank you. Arts and Crafts is a favourite of mine too. I don’t know where exactly Khalid bin Walid Street is but I do know that Tamer Tamara is present in Souq Shatee and there is a big shop across the road from the souq as well, and it was there in 2014 at least. Is it Heraa International Mall and do Maktaba alGhumri really sell tatting books? I am also a tatting enthusiast and since we are a rare breed in the subcontinent it is good to know there are others. Apart from internet downloads I have no hope of finding hardback tatting books unless I realize my dream of visiting England to explore all the history and scenery depicted in my novels. Not to mention no amount of knitting books are ever really enough. Also, I doubt you will see this soon but if you do I wonder if it is possible to get a) bamboo knitting needles b) cross stitch kits of the haramain. I doubt it because far as I know Musims don’t make these kits anyway.

    1. Hello Aina,

      Yes Tamer Tamara moved a few years ago… I have to update the post to mention that it is in Souq Shatea. More directions to it in the other comments.

      Yes, Heraa International Market has Nawara shop. Maktaba Ghumri doesnt have tatting books… Nawara does. Or atleast it did have then. I bought a few shuttles and DMC from them then.

      Bamboo needles and cross stitch kits are available in Arts and Crafts at Sultan Mall. You will have to check for the kits before hand though… they sometimes finish off.

      It is always a pleasure knowing a tatter! So happy you connected. You are right… Tatting books are hard to find and you can download some patterns off the net but, there are many new tatters who have been writing books! I will, InshaAllah, mention a post on it for your reference. There are many free and paid patterns and ebooks available for downloading as PDFs. You can print them out for ease.

      Lovely connecting with you,


  4. Hello Aysh!
    Many thanks for a great post!
    I just had been wondering whether you have any information about Riyadh craft shops? I am particulary interested in hoops,embroidery threads and linen, but online I can hardly find any information.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Olga! Thanks for commenting. I am sorry… I have no idea about Riyadh. I’ll ask around and let you know when I do.

      1. Hello Aysh!
        Thank you for your answer! And thank you for joining my Instagram :))
        Actually surfing more the internet I have found one shop in Riyadh :)))) Finally …..and actually it is a real DMC shop :)) Well, have not visited yet, but hope it is a nice store!
        Many thanks again and have a lovely day.
        PS You have a great blog!

        1. Hey Olga!

          Happy to follow… ? I love creativity and so happy to follow your creative journey.

          That is great! I know that excitement at fimding a yarn shop so well…. Do check it out and let me know what you find. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Thank you so much for your lovely words. Love connecting woth you.

          Have a great day.

  5. Hey, great information. I love to croshet and sew. There are a number or shops in Kabibish area on the food Pakistani and indian food street opposite to flamingo mall. These are amazing as they are extremely cheap. You can even order stuff which they will supply for you if locally available. I order yarn, DMC , anchor all the time. There s also a couple behind Kababish in the same street at Poshak. These shops have all sorts of tailoring needs.
    There is also a huge shop in Flamingo mall , pricier than Kababish but worth the visit.

    1. Hello Soha,

      I didnt know the Kabibish area had yarn too… I’ll check them out and will mention your info in the post. Thank you so much for sharing. Will check out the Flamingo Mall shop too… any idea which floor or the directions…?

      Thanks again…


  6. Hey Aysh , just bought a batch of yarn today from the shop in the same street as Poshak.

    The shop in Flamingo mall is on the ground floor

  7. Hi. Thanks for the tips. Do u know places in jeddah where I can take courses or workshops in handicraft jewelry making?

    1. Arts and Crafts on Sultan Mall offers some classes. You will have to visit them to know more. You can ask in the local groups on Facebook too. Some crafters do conduct classes from time to time. Thanks!

  8. Thank you so much for the useful info .
    Do you know where can i find mod podge somewhere other than jarir because they don’t have the kind i want.

    1. Thank you… I am glad you found the article useful. I am sorry… I myself noticed only recently that Jarir had modge podge. I hadn’t seen it here before. I’ll let you know if I discover it anywhere else.

  9. Hi dear Aysh,
    The blog is very nice i found it when i was searching for knitting supplies in jeddah. Currently i’m not in jeddah but my parents are there and i’m in cairo Egypt. The reason why i mentioned this is i can’t check the store myself. So i wanted to inquire about a few things b4 i send them to the shop.
    I think you r into tatting and crochet more than knitting. But you still might be able to help me the shop u mentioned in sultan mall has some nice Boye neddles. There is something called a fixed circular knitting neddle and there is a set of interchangable knitting neddles. Do you if that set is there in that shop because it’s not in Egypt and the only way to get these neddles is buy them online from amazon or e bay.
    Thanks in advance for your blog it is very useful indeed

    1. Hello Rana,

      Yes circular knitting needles are available at the Art and Craft shop at Sultan Mall. I’ve found them in Hindawiyyah too.

      JazakAllahu khayr for your kind words. I knit too but haven’t done so in a while… so this blog doesn’t have any of my knitting projects. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hope your parents can find the needles for you. โค

  10. Hello Jeddah Mom. I am hoping you still exist. I am a teacher and hope to introduce crocheting as an enrichment activity at my school. My problem is sourcing crochet hooks and yarn in Tabuk !! Does anyone know where I can find these materials in Tabuk?

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