1. Yes, exactly! I can never think straight before my second cup of tea and by that time my kids have already returned from school ? The list helps me remember what is possible.

  1. Love these tips. I have never frozen veggies again because when I did it before, I didn’t like how it came out of the freezer. Maybe I did not thaw it properly. They looked wilted. ? soI just buy veggies when I know I’m going to use them.
    When I cook breakfast, that’s also for lunch or dinner. Or if I cook something heavy for breakfast and lunch, I make sure the one for dinner will not consume much time.
    I also boil meat in one batch then separate them per dish after. It saves gas and time making the meat tender.

    1. I love the meat idea Gilian! Did you use zipper bags for the veggies? I must admit though, some veggies just don’t take to freezing at all.

        1. that’s pro’lly it. I used to see ice crystals forming and water logged greens when I kept in plastic containers… try the zipper bag Gilian.. It saves space too.

  2. have moved to uae 3 months ago..and struggling with a 5 year old and 12months old…my baby just does not leave me to do any work…tried keeping a maid also…but she worked just for an hour …after that I had to struggle myself…still struggling how to manage the dishes the cookng…then cookng separately for the baby..the cleaning then laundry then am not having time for myself…soni end up eatng every junk n chocolates…so gaining loads of weight…plus help…if anyone can tell me regarding a routine to follow also…plus my husband comes home for lunch…so I have to get things ready on time

    1. Hey girl! I hear you. 🙁 Life as an expat with no family around juggling kids, cooking and home all by oneself is hard.

      Yes, you need routines -for the kids and yourself. You also need some appliances that can help you cook while you sleep! Do you have a crockpot or a rice cooker? It really saves my sanity. Hint: Rice cooker is not just for cooking rice. 😉

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  3. we eat rotis daily twice or thrice …rice only on friday afternoons as for biryani…my husband has now switched job so he also goes early morning at 6am …it’s the same time my kid has to leave…so I hv to now wakeup at 4.30am at night or day…what should I say…n my baby is also waking up along with me…n there is this bigggg. chaos in the house…coz her sleep is disturbed and she keeps crying as she needs my feed to sleep…n she sleeps late at night aftr 11 or so…n I have to take along the baby also with me to drop my son at the bus stop…husband can’t do that as he has to rush to his office…and I have to prepare diff breakfasts for both my husband and son and different Tiffin also for them…then if I try to sleep I skip my Brkfast thrn comes the lunch time only and son has to be back home so that time I am left with no linch prepared..I prepare my husbands Tiffin in small portion only for himself…so I hv to again cook before my son comes back thrn I have to again make dinner n also the evening snacks for husband and son that to both different.. n now I have joined a gym also…dat one seriously what to do…I have a rotimakrr also…bit it’s not giving that’ desired results…my story continues

    1. I thought I could share some of my experiences. I have a 6mth old baby, I’m at home with him while husband works. If you have a freezer, it could save you both time and money. I froze loads of solids for baby to introduce with it, zucchini, sweet potato, beet, squash, carrots..all of it can be frozen cooked, carrots even pureed. Lots of fruits you can slice raw and freeze. Now I just thaw, if it is raw, cook frozen, mix and feed!
      Batch is the answer. I guess you can also batch cook lots of meals for you grown ups, freeze them and then use when needed. You must be exhausted cooking few different dishes per every meal whilst not feedibg yourself. There are a lot of recipes on the internet for freezer meals. I hope you can organize and make your life easier. Ask your family to get involved in meap prepping once a week, try different systems. I am sure you will find the right one.

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