1. Just like a butterfly needs to be in the cocoon, I was building my wings…
    Beautiful read 💖 Allah Himself calls that stage “wahnan ala wahn” (hardship upon hardship) so indeed that stage is so SO hard. But it passes…May Allah help us fulfill His amaanah that He has given us in this world because our children are truly not ours. They are His amaanah. May we become the trustworthy keepers of them!

  2. Walekum assalam… loved to read. True.. enjoying the present… Allah has fixed the time… it will surely come don’t quit. After every hardship for sure there is ease. Ts hard but yes the reward is also immense in sha Allah.

  3. This made me teary-eyed! Quite emotional read. Yes, time seems so slow now, I feel stuck sometimes. Working on myself so i can enjoy these moments with my kids.

  4. What a read! It touches my heart 💖 Surely after every hardship there is ease. You just need to believe in the perfect plan of Allah. Thank you for sharing such timely wisdom and comfort. I really needed this post today. May many blessings find their way to you!

    1. You are too kind Sister. Thank you! May Allah make me better than you think of me. May we live lives that serve Allah and glorify His name. Ameen.

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